Sunday, May 26, 2013

Perhaps I have issues I'm not addressing

I used to think it was bad when I talked to myself, and even worse when I answered, but now... now there's a whole lot to be worried about going on in my head....

Mae: Why aren't you writing about me? I thought this was my book.

Me: It is your book, what do you think all those pages are about?

Mae: Yeah, but everybody else is getting up in it...

Me: Mae, there's a lot to tell, but the story is yours.

Mae: How come Tori got her own book and I have to share with everybody?

Me: Things were just getting started in Tori's book. There's a lot more story to tell now.

Mae: Well, why can't I just tell it?

Tori: Shut your yap, Maeday! Just be happy you get a book at all.

Lea: Exactly. You were in Tori's book much more than I was, and you don't see me complaining.

Mae: Yeah, but that's because you weren't important.

Lea: Watch it, Sis... You're coming to my house in a few chapters. You wanna eat while you're there? If so, I suggest you put a lid on it, pronto.

Mae: Fine, whatevs. But why do the bitches have to be in it so much?

Me: Bitches?

Mae: You know, Vee, Kako...

Vivie: Excuse me? Bitches?

Mae: Vee, you know I mean that in a sweet way.

Vivie: If you want to be sweet, don't start with "bitches."

Tori: Would you two shut the hell up already? I'm rockin a nasty headache all of the sudden.

Me: *heavy sigh* Maybe I should write the other story...

Mae, Tori, Lea, Vivie: WHAT???

at least that got their attention... and all is quiet for a while in my head... mostly.


  1. We still love you...psychosis & all. Can't wait to see the new book.

    1. I'm very happy to hear that! And the book is coming along... got a lot written this weekend.