Saturday, May 18, 2013

Changes coming June 1st

A few things will happening on June 1st regarding the book.

First and foremost, Faetal Distraction will be available exclusively on Amazon for 3 months. So if you want a Nook edition, get it before the end of May. When the 3 months is up, the book will be available on Amazon, B&N and All Romance. But for 90 days, it's going to only be available as a Kindle book or a trade paperback.

And that brings me to the second big change. Amazon will be making the book available to bookstores and libraries and foreign markets, which is going to raise the price of the book from $14.50 to $19.99. This also takes place on June 1st, so get it while it's (fairly) cheap!

That's it, I think. God knows, it's enough to deal with for now.

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