Friday, October 25, 2013

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ready, Set, Publish!

The Reckoning continues to wreak havoc on the tribe of Fae, and Mae is feeling its effects. Not only is her past haunting her at every turn, her powers are out of control. Even the smallest of illusions can have deadly consequences these days.

Beyond that, life has simply lost it's oomph. Even in the middle of a family crisis and a potential all-realm war, Mae feels empty and unfulfilled. After 2500 years, nothing seems exciting anymore, and she finds herself becoming more and more reckless as she searches for any kind of thrill.

Then a man with a deadly secret changes everything...

An immortal with no memory of who or what he is, Abel is counting on Mae to help him navigate the world he thought only existed in stories. Unfortunately, she can't seem to separate her professional obligations and her personal desires, and both seem to be wrapped up in her mysterious charge. He's everything she never knew she wanted, all she'll ever need... and completely off limits.

Too bad nobody told her heart that.
Faetal Illusion ~ October 21, 2013
(will post links when they are live)

Stick a fork in me...

2:43 am and editing is DONE! Glossary and side bits are DONE! Tomorrow is all about the cover, compiling and uploading. Publication should happen Monday, which means the book should be live Tuesday (or Wednesday, depending on the site).

So, now I need my 'reviewers' to inbox me with an email address and what type of file you need (mobi, azw, epub, etc.). I'll send them out tomorrow.

I'm so excited, more than a little exhausted, and totally proud of myself. And now, I'm going to bed... most likely, I'll have nightmares about something very, very wrong that I saw on fb today. There are just some things that you can't unsee (thanks Joe).

Thank you for supporting me, liking me, and for loving words as much as I do. <3

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Amazing Book for an Amazing Cause

Stories for Amanda is an anthology of short stories, written by 16 different contemporary authors, with all proceeds going to a wonderful anti-bullying charity. I was bullied in school... not terrorized,...
and not all the time, certainly not enough to make me want to end my life... but while I dealt with just a taste of it, there are kids who are hounded relentlessly until they just want to give up. Amanda Todd was one of them.

Three weeks before taking her life, Amanda made a video that told her story. She wanted to help other kids by sharing her pain. You can find that video on youtube.

All proceeds from this book will go to an organization dedicated to eradicating bullying, and helping those who have been victims of cruelty.

Karen Avivi - Kahlen Aymes - E.K. Blair - J. L. Brooks - Kelly Elliott - Kailin Gow - Karina Halle - Nina Lane - Raine Miller - E. L. Montes – Alexa Nazzaro - Claire Contreras - Jessica Prince - Madeline Sheehan - Michelle A. Valentine - Nikki Worrell

While I couldn't find a link to pre-order this book, I do know it's scheduled to release this month, and have included a link to it on Goodreads. If you are a fan of any of these wonderful authors, or even if you have no idea who they are, please pick up this book and support this cause!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Book 1 on sale & book 2 release date & a sneak peek

Ok, so yes... I am running behind. But hey, it's not all my fault, my editor is slacking too. By slacking, I mean managing her real life (since I don't pay her to edit... yet). Working full time while trying to write, rewrite and edit kind of sucks, but hey... one day, right?

So... tentative release date for book 2... I'm going to say Oct. 20, but I hope that it will be more like the 15th. Excited? I hope so, because this story just keeps getting crazier!

AND... book 1 is now 99 cents everywhere, and will most likely stay that way for a while. Spread the word, get it cheap, and please, please, please, PLEASE leave a review somewhere!!!

Finally, for those who miss Tori & Ryn, here's a lil' some-something from book 2 for you!

WARNING: contains naughty bits!

         “You know,” Tori barked, “I am quite capable of sitting in a chair, Smoky.”
Ryn only smiled, pissing her off even more. “Yeah, but why would you want to when you have this?” He held his hands out, offering himself to her, then reached out and yanked her onto his lap.
Tori sighed and snuggled against him. “Kind of hard to pack like this, babe.” Despite her protests, her hands traveled up Ryn’s chest, over his shoulders, up his neck and into his hair.
I’ve been thinking,” he said, “about your riding back home.”
I told you; I’m not riding bitch on my own bike. Hell, no.”
I get that, baby,” he said, the endearment sending a tiny shudder through her, “but I still want to go with you. I’m thinking I should buy a bike.”
Tori pictured Ryn in leather, straddling a steel beast. That, she thought, was a most excellent idea. She told him so, then emphasized the point by kissing him senseless.
He flipped her around so that she was straddling him, then took control of the kiss, tangling his hands in her hair. Fuck packing, she thought, breaking the kiss long enough to yank her shirt over her head. Ryn groaned, burying his face in her chest. She could feel his smile against her skin.
Something funny?” she panted.
I’m just damn happy that you’re so cooperative now. Not that these aren’t worth working for,” he mumbled before clamping his mouth down on her nipple. Tori grabbed his head and held him against her.
That’s really nice of you to say,” she said on a sigh, “but Ryn?”
Yeah?” he answered around her flesh.
Shut up,” she said, pushing harder on his head.
~*~  Faetal Illusion - Oct. 20  ~*~