Faetal Illusion

Faetal Illusion - Book 2 in the Blood Crown series

The Reckoning continues to wreak havoc on the tribe of Fae, and Mae is feeling its effects. Not only is her past haunting her at every turn, her powers are out of control. Even the smallest of illusions can have deadly consequences these days.

Beyond that, life has simply lost it's oomph. Even in the middle of a family crisis and a potential all-realm war, Mae feels empty and unfulfilled. After 2500 years, nothing seems exciting anymore, and she finds herself becoming more and more reckless as she searches for any kind of thrill.

Then a stranger with a deadly secret changes everything...

An immortal with no memory of who or what he is, Abel is counting on Mae to help him navigate the world he thought only existed in stories. Unfortunately, she can't seem to separate her professional obligations and her personal desires, and both seem to be wrapped up in her mysterious charge. He's everything she never knew she wanted, all she'll ever need... and completely off limits.

Too bad nobody told her heart that.

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Lately, Mae found herself getting worked up over romantic comedies more than erotica. Perhaps she’d ventured so far from vanilla that it had become exotic to her.

Selling yourself was selling yourself, whether it be your body, your mind or your skills. Hookers, mercenaries… whatevs.

“I always wished it was you. And until I find her, you’ll be the standard they’ll all be measured against. Just like always.”

Like something out of Easy Rider, or maybe more like a shampoo commercial, they slid off their bikes, pulled off their helmets, and shook out their hair. In unison. Like they’d fucking rehearsed it.

Yes, Lea was nosy- big secret there. She liked to get up in everyone’s business, watching their lives play out like her own personal soap opera. Was that okay? Probably not. Did Lea care? Not a bit. She was an Oracle. It was her job to know shit.

Mae caught herself at the verge of an honest to goodness, Scarlet O’Hara worthy sigh. If she were using an old fashioned phone, she would be twirling the cord in her fingers right now.

“Think of Earth as a giant amusement park. Mortals are crazy fun with their kick-ass sports cars and drive-thru tacos. I mean, come on! This place is… it’s like going to the hottest club on the strip.”

From behind her, Vivie said, “The important question is, do you intend to bang the blond babe? Also, can we see him naked?”

There are plenty of immortal morons, I assure you. As I understand it, immortality and smarts do not go hand in hand. Immortals have a highly developed instinct, which makes most of them genius at common sense, but idiots are idiots, regardless of how long they live.”

“Who are you?” she whispered to the face staring back at her. “Twenty five hundred years,” she barely spoke, holding her own gaze, “and you’re a total stranger.”

Let her be afraid all she wanted, because Abel was prepared to be brave enough for the both of them. He was patient too. This thing with Mae? It was a done deal. All he had to do was wait.

Praise for Faetal Illusion

"Awesome Read! I couldn't stop reading it & you won't be able to either! I thought the 1st Book was GREAT & this one is even better!"

"Once again, Bethany has been able to thoroughly encompass the characters in this series, so that the reader is completely enthralled!...."

"... like the first book, this one is spectacularly written. Can't wait for more. Come on!!!"

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