Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sneak preview from book 2

A little something from the current book... my sister Laura and I chose this passage to share, because it's a rare glimpse at an emotional Mae. :)

The most important achievement of humans, in Mae’s opinion, was coffee. Well, that and the disco ball. And french-fries.

Mae closed her eyes as her latte warmed her throat and tickled her taste buds. “Liquid ambrosia,” she muttered happily.
“Excuse me, Miss,” a soft, frail voice said from behind her.
Mae turned around to face an elderly, human male with hardly any hair, a million wrinkles, and kind eyes. Familiar eyes.
“Yes?” she said, searching those eyes in hopes of sparking some kind of recognition. It was there, at the edge of her mind, but she just couldn’t figure out where she knew him from.
“This may sound strange, but are you related to… that is,” he shuffled nervously as he tried to find the right words. Clearing his throat, he started again. “My name is Marcus Allerby.”
His wrinkled hand reached out and she took it, shaking it gently. His skin was so soft. As memories of her beloved Marcus rushed back to her, emotion caught in her throat, and Mae had to blink hard to keep the tears away.
“Nice to meet you, Mr. Allerby,” she managed. “I’m Mae.”
Marcus smiled, and for an instant, it was her Marcus that stood before her. “Mae,” he said softly, “that was her name. You look just like her.” His voice was wistful. “Just like her.”
“My grandmother’s name was Mae,” she lied. “They say I look just like she did at my age.”
He accepted that, as well as the bits and pieces of her grandmother’s history that she gave him. It was enough to convince Marcus that he had the right granddaughter, and they spent the next hour chatting about the past.
She’d met Marcus just after WWII had ended, on his first night home, in fact. He was handsome and charming and the sweetest boy Mae had met in a very long time. The romance had been brief but intense. She’d loved him. With all of her heart. But…
He was human, and he wasn’t her anam-cara… but mostly, he was human, so she couldn’t hold on to him. Marcus would eventually grow old and Mae wouldn’t, and unfortunately, only Mae understood that. So, in typical Mae fashion, she’d disappeared.
Never had she thought, even in the middle of a Reckoning, that she’d see this man again. But here he was, telling Mae her own memories and shattering her heart with his quiet words and his twinkling eyes. Marcus wasn’t bitter about the past. He didn’t understand Mae’s disappearance, but had decided, as the years went by, to let go of wondering and just hang on to the memories they’d shared.

He'd married a beautiful woman that he truly loved, and had five grown children and a gaggle of grandchildren. As he proudly showed off the pictures of his family, Mae choked down the overwhelming urge to explain everything. Suddenly, it was very important to her that Marcus understand what had happened, though she knew it was impossible to tell him the truth.

He'd had a good life and he had wonderful memories of a lost love. Mae had to leave things as they were, not only for his sake, but for her own.
As they said good-bye, Marcus took her hand and kissed it sweetly, wishing her well and thanking her for her time. It was bittersweet for Mae, and a good reminder of why she did not get involved with humans anymore. By the time she reached her apartment door, the tears flowed freely down her cheeks, and she was helpless to stop the memories rolling through her head.
Thankfully, the apartment was empty. Mae flopped down on the couch and blew across her palm, allowing the memories to play themselves out. The crying ended as the exhaustion took over, and her heavy eyelids slid closed as Mae and a very young, very handsome Lieutenant Allerby danced the night away in her hand.
Faetal Illusion (late 2013)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Perhaps I have issues I'm not addressing

I used to think it was bad when I talked to myself, and even worse when I answered, but now... now there's a whole lot to be worried about going on in my head....

Mae: Why aren't you writing about me? I thought this was my book.

Me: It is your book, what do you think all those pages are about?

Mae: Yeah, but everybody else is getting up in it...

Me: Mae, there's a lot to tell, but the story is yours.

Mae: How come Tori got her own book and I have to share with everybody?

Me: Things were just getting started in Tori's book. There's a lot more story to tell now.

Mae: Well, why can't I just tell it?

Tori: Shut your yap, Maeday! Just be happy you get a book at all.

Lea: Exactly. You were in Tori's book much more than I was, and you don't see me complaining.

Mae: Yeah, but that's because you weren't important.

Lea: Watch it, Sis... You're coming to my house in a few chapters. You wanna eat while you're there? If so, I suggest you put a lid on it, pronto.

Mae: Fine, whatevs. But why do the bitches have to be in it so much?

Me: Bitches?

Mae: You know, Vee, Kako...

Vivie: Excuse me? Bitches?

Mae: Vee, you know I mean that in a sweet way.

Vivie: If you want to be sweet, don't start with "bitches."

Tori: Would you two shut the hell up already? I'm rockin a nasty headache all of the sudden.

Me: *heavy sigh* Maybe I should write the other story...

Mae, Tori, Lea, Vivie: WHAT???

at least that got their attention... and all is quiet for a while in my head... mostly.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

I feel a bit like I'm cheating on myself

So I'm a couple of chapters into book 2 in my series, but I have another story rattling around in my head. I'm not sure what to do about it, because I'm afraid writing two totally different books at the same time will really do a number on my brain. I'd hate for Mae to accidentally end up in the woods of Arkansas... she'd probably be pretty pissed about it too, though it would serve her right (just ask Natalie).

This new story is not really new, but something I've been tossing around for a while now. It's set in the backwoods of Arkansas, and while it's paranormal, it's not romance (sorry, ladies!). I'd really like to keep it stewing on the back burner, at least until I get Mae's story finished, but damn... it won't leave me alone.

I'm going to blame Karina Halle for this... as I'm knee-deep and totally addicted to her Experiment in Terror series, and they just put me in the perfect mood to think super-creepy thoughts. Maybe I should stay away from her books until I'm done writing Mae's.

Yeah, that's not going to happen AT ALL.

For now, I'll keep writing Mae's story, but the time may come when I have to start putting this other story on the page and cheating on Mae. On me? Not sure who I'd actually be cheating on here, but the whole thing feels a little seedy anyway. Whatevs, as Mae would say.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Random snippet from what I'm writing now

Just a lil something from what I'm working on currently...

“Ladies and gentleman, kids of all ages,” Mae said loudly, grabbing everyone’s attention. “We’re going to drink a little, smoke a lot, and then I’m going to bring you up-to-date on the events of the last two weeks. Get your holy-shit faces ready, boys and girls, because this is quite the story.”

-Faetal Illusion (late 2013)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Changes coming June 1st

A few things will happening on June 1st regarding the book.

First and foremost, Faetal Distraction will be available exclusively on Amazon for 3 months. So if you want a Nook edition, get it before the end of May. When the 3 months is up, the book will be available on Amazon, B&N and All Romance. But for 90 days, it's going to only be available as a Kindle book or a trade paperback.

And that brings me to the second big change. Amazon will be making the book available to bookstores and libraries and foreign markets, which is going to raise the price of the book from $14.50 to $19.99. This also takes place on June 1st, so get it while it's (fairly) cheap!

That's it, I think. God knows, it's enough to deal with for now.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Shut up, Mae!

I'm six pages in on book 2, and Mae is already driving me crazy!

I knew she'd be a challenge to write... she's been puttering around in my head for months now. She's mouthy and opinionated and a little ADD, which makes it difficult to get a coherent and continuous thought out of the woman. And she's argumentative. She wants a different HEA... she just doesn't think this one is a good match, and isn't too shy to tell me that... every damn day.

But I know Mae better than she knows herself, and this guy... this guy is exactly what she needs. So we're riding this one out, despite her protests and threats, and I think she'll thank me for it in the end.

But until the end comes, I really wish she'd just shut the hell up for a minute and let me think!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Problem With Rock Star Novels

I am a huge fan of rock star books (especially romances), but have found myself frustrated lately as I try and find good rocker books to devour. The blurbs always sound fantastic, and the content is almost always meh.

And here's why:

  • Silly bitches that get on my nerves
    • If you're going to hang out with a rock star, especially if you know who the guy is, then you know that there are certain things that go along with the rock star life. Parties, groupies, press... lots of press. So many times the girl whines and complains about paparazzi or groupies or the rowdy parties. He's a ROCK STAR. Did you think the band would be backstage building Lego castles and eating Oreos? If the rock star life bothers you, perhaps you should date a dentist.
  • Even sillier bitches who hate rough language
    • If you're on a rock band's tour bus and you bitch at them for cussing, you need to get off the fucking bus!
  • Too much "old flame" bullshit
    • The concept of the girl running into her high school boyfriend who is now a famous rock star? Yeah, that's been done. A lot. Maybe give that storyline a rest for a while.
  • Virgins and rock stars
    • STOP THIS! While I'm not opposed to a virgin-meets-bad-boy story now and then, the reality of these rock stars jumping on the abstinence train to wait for the virgin to be ready is just not very plausible. Not saying it's impossible, but really...
  • Rock stars that don't act like rock stars
    • This one is just flat annoying. You're a rock star, not a middle schooler dammit! Grab a bottle of jack, the nearest groupie, and do something rocker-like already!
  • Rock stars who do act like rock stars then become pansies because of love
    • Look, I know love is supposed to tame the wild beast, but not too much. So many books start out with these great bad boy characters, and then they become complete wimps when they meet their HEA. WRONG! So, so wrong.

Give me a rock star romance with a bad boy who stays bad, a chick who can handle the rock lifestyle... maybe even a chick who can out-bad the bad boy... and for the love of Pete, if you're going to write a book about rockers, include the sex, drugs and rock-n-roll!!!

You know what the problem is? I discovered the rock star romance genre via Olivia Cunning, as many of us did... she's ruined us for the rest of them. Let's hope she keeps writing, because otherwise, we're all screwed!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Who Wants a Free Copy??

I'd like to give away a few books (epub files) in exchange for an honest review on Goodreads. If you're interested, please send a message to with what type of ebook you need (epub, mobi, or just say kindle fire or nook hd, etc.) and the subject line of "Free Book."


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Kindle Edition Now Live

The kindle edition is now live on Amazon!

You can find it here... though there's no picture and I can't figure out how to fix it!

Helloooooo Goodreads!

I'm on Goodreads now!

Okay, that's kind of a lie... the now part, at least... because I've been on there for a while. Seems I never get off of there! But oh, the books I've found!

But now, I'm an author on there, which is something else entirely.

Okay, so that's kind of an untruth as well... it's really just the same thing, except now my book is attached to my profile.

Hmmm... so basically I'm still on Goodreads. Wow... not as nearly exciting in type as the whole thing was in my head, but a huge happiness for me nonetheless!

Visit me at Goodreads (where I'm not new, but my book is)!!!

Faetal Distraction by Bethany Lovell | 2940016466880 | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble

Okay, the Nook book is live! If you have a moment, please leave a review on B&N (and give the book some stars!).

Faetal Distraction by Bethany Lovell | 2940016466880 | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Time to do it all again...

The book will going 'live' in a couple of days.

Last night, I worked out the outline for book 2, which is Mae's story. Time to start writing again, and thank the gods for it, because Mae will not shut up in my head! For those who have read the first book, they know Mae is quite the character. This book is going to be a helluva ride.

In book 2:

Magick gone awry
Mystery man with amnesia
Magickal paintings
A trip to Fae-ville
Evil abductors
Spies and infiltrators
And men... lots and lots of men (it's Mae, after all)

So much fun! I can't wait to get started.