Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Shut up, Mae!

I'm six pages in on book 2, and Mae is already driving me crazy!

I knew she'd be a challenge to write... she's been puttering around in my head for months now. She's mouthy and opinionated and a little ADD, which makes it difficult to get a coherent and continuous thought out of the woman. And she's argumentative. She wants a different HEA... she just doesn't think this one is a good match, and isn't too shy to tell me that... every damn day.

But I know Mae better than she knows herself, and this guy... this guy is exactly what she needs. So we're riding this one out, despite her protests and threats, and I think she'll thank me for it in the end.

But until the end comes, I really wish she'd just shut the hell up for a minute and let me think!

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