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An attempt at making a changeling that has gone wrong. Usually involving humans, the abominations are feral and mindless, destructive and dangerous. They should be destroyed on sight.

Addohra (add-door-rah)
A tree that grows in Breaghafonn. Creation myths say that the tree sprouted where Danu spilled his seed on the ground, and is the source of the Fae themselves.

Adonai (awe-doe-nigh)
One of the Seed and creator of the tribe of Angels. Adonai is one of the few true deities that actually interact with their creations, governing over the realm of Heaven.

Aesir (ay-seer)
Tribe that closely resembles humans, most specifically the Nordic races. Though originally a separate tribe, millenniums of mingling blood with the Vanir tribe has resulted in one large tribe.

Ahvelon (awe-vail-on)
The Maigere kingdom in the east half of Breaghafonn.

Alberon (owl-ber-on)
Home realm of the Daemone, consisting mostly of large bodies of water.

Anam-Cara (awe-num care-raw)
Due to the nature of duality, a soul is split in two at the time of its creation. Everyone is a half of a whole, and that other half is your anam-cara. Intimacy with your anam-cara results in the awakening, which is when the primal call is heard. When the two halves join- by way of sexual intercourse- they are made whole, and are bound together for eternity.

Tribe created by Adonai, they are one of the few tribes that actually interact with their creator. They have a complicated caste system, and all Angels have some kind of rank and purpose within the realm of Heaven. They are the closest genetic match to humans, and a large chunk of the human populace was created by Archangels, who are of the highest rank.

An extreme method of punishment among the Angel tribe, in which the body is destroyed and the soul is sent back to the ALL instead of residing in an “after-life” realm of some kind. Annihilation obliterates the individuality of a soul, making it impossible for reincarnation or recreation as an individual being ever again.

Astóre (ah-store)
Fae word for “darling” or “dearest one.” Generally used by elders when speaking to children or loved ones.
Aunderin Root (on-der-ren)
A root that grows only in the Fae realm, used to promote fertility in Fae females. The root is boiled in water to make tea, which must be consumed several times a day for approximately three weeks. At that time, a female is ready to conceive. It is recommended that she continue drinking the tea for the first couple weeks of pregnancy.

Aunenbrean (awe-nun-bree-un)
Name of the Fae royal family line.

Auric Grid
Fluxx term for one's energy field.

All are born with a blessing that guides them from within. Some examples of blessings are patience, strength, compassion, discernment, loyalty, etc. When a blessing is abused, used to cause harm or ignored completely, it becomes a curse. A curse works in opposition to the original blessing.

When one gives an oath in blood, they are blood-sworn to the one they pledged to.

Breaghafonn (bray-guh-fawn)
Realm consisting of two kingdoms- Dandefuhn (Fae) and Ahvelon (Maigere).

One who has been changed by using the blood of another tribe.

Child of Blood
A child born to one who holds the Legacy of blood magick.

Creation Magick
Rumored to be the most powerful magick there is, creation magick is held by those come from more than one Seed line, such as the Pixie. In order to create, there must be destruction, and so it is a dangerous power, and best left alone.

Council of Mortal Affairs
Known as the “Immortal United Nations,” the Council consists of ten members from varying tribes, who monitor the mortal realm and all immortal activity within it. They grant permissions, set rules, divvy out punishments, and cover up any exposure of immortal existence.

Daemone (day-moan)
The word demon derived from Daemone, though demons have nothing in common with them beyond similarity of name and some physical features. Generally a warrior race- soldiers, mercenaries, assassins, guards. Those who do not fight do physical work such as smithing, shipbuilding, major construction. General traits (not all)- horns (curve along side head of protrude, depending on race), fangs (most elongate when needed), claws (some extract only when needed), eyes go completely black with extreme emotion.

Dandefuhn (dun-dah-foon)
The Fae kingdom in the west half of Breaghafonn.

Dark Host, The
Fallen Angels who have chosen to keep their wings and live in one of the hellish underworld realms. Their wings turn from shimmering white to glittering obsidian. They are considered evil, and hold dominion over hellish creatures (imps, minions, demons, etc.).

Deadlands, The
Anything outside of the castle walls of Ahvelon is now considered the deadlands. The land is ruined, reduced to rubble, and is run by groups of outlaw “gangs” known as deadlanders.

Denieruhn (den-near-roon)
Name of Cohn's family line.

Each soul has a destiny, agreed upon long before the physical was formed. Source conspires to offer infinite opportunities to fulfill a destiny, yet free will allows the choice to abandon it completely. However, destiny is unrelenting in its offerings, always opening another door and another chance for a soul to rejoin its intended path.

Creature found primarily in the Fae realm. Though resembling dragons of lore, they are not reptiles and cannot breathe fire. Dragons are mammals, fiercely loyal and protective, and highly combative when threatened. Their wings are delicately and intricately woven, yet are nearly indestructible. They live in large groups, inhabiting the caverns of Dandefuhn (the west coast of the realm of Breaghafonn.

Fae (fay)
The Fae may be the oldest tribe, though there is no evidence as such. Their home realm is Breaghafonn. After the slaughter of the First Family circa 1000ad, civil war erupted, ending in a division of the kingdom into two courts- seelie and unseelie. General traits can include pointed ears, small fangs (elongate when needed), and unusually bright eyes that change according to mood. Most Sidhe are close to six feet tall, though halflings tend to be much smaller due to the mixed blood.

Though commonly used by humans, this is a derogatory term for the Fae.

Fallen, The
Fallen Angels who have given up their wings and inhabit the mortal realm. Though they are technically no longer Angels, they retain their immortality as well as their powers. The process of losing wings and escaping the hell-realm causes mental trauma, and leaves the Fallen with amnesia. In most cases, memory comes back within a few days, though there are cases in which memory never returns.

Fate continually offers choices which provide opportunity for a soul to embrace or shun its destiny. It is the active hand of Source and servant to destiny. While free will allows one to embrace or rebuke destiny, what is fated will always come to pass. Fate is a catalyst, not a result.

Feirini (fear-ree-nee)
Tribe of reptilian shifters. They are sensitive to sunlight, avoiding it as much as possible. They require blood to survive, and have retractable fangs for that purpose. Though the human word Vampire came from the Vampyr tribe, the myths surrounding the creature were inspired by the traits of the Feirini.

Tribe of “chameleons” who can change their entire appearance, mimicking other beings. They call this taking on a “shell.” While in a shell, they can access the cell memory of the being they are impersonating. Rare and endangered tribe.

Fury, The
Immortal organization, consisting of several prominent tribes, that controls most of the power structures in the mortal realm. Highly secretive, ruthless and deadly, they considered the “immortal mafia.”

Gaia (guy-yuh)
True name for the mortal realm, though rarely used. Humans have adopted this word to describe the planet Earth in their realm. Most immortals refer to Gaia as “the mortal realm” more often than not.

All souls are blessed with gifts of great power. While some are born with full knowledge and command of their gifts, it lies dormant in others, blossoming with a rite of passage or a coming of age. All great power is a blessing, only its use determines whether it stays a blessing or becomes a curse. When a gift is abused or used to cause harm or manipulate free will, it becomes a trick instead, causing the user to feel ill with use.

Parlor tricks and minor illusions, usually used to distract or disguise. Examples: change of hair or eye color, disguising ears or horns, throwing voice to an object or other person, sounds that aren't real, temporary invisibility, making environment appear unchanged as you move through it, doorways appearing as solid walls, etc.

Graegon (gray-gun)
Tribe of feline shifters whose origins are unknown.

Greamam (gree-mahm)
Maigere word meaning grandmother.

One whose parents come from two different tribes.

One whose parents come from two different races within the same tribe.

Realm of light and love, created by Adonai and inhabited by his tribe of Angels. The realm is rumored to be the most beautiful imaginable, with streets of gold and gates of pearl. There is supposedly no hunger or thirst, no pain of any kind, and all who live there enjoy never-ending peace and happiness. Upon their death, the humans who have been faithful to Adonai are allowed to dwell in Heaven for eternity, or until they decide to reincarnate to the mortal realm.

Though technically Titan, the Hellenes (commonly known as Hellies) have considered themselves a separate tribe since the Titanomachy (War of the Titans).

Ilyah (ill-yuh)
Graegon word meaning “most cherished.”

A plant that grows only in the realm of Breaghafonn. The leaves are a dark purple, and produces lavender smoke when lit. Smoking Indigo affects one much like cannabis, though it is stronger and tends to last much longer.

Inherent Power
Unlike learned magick, an inherent power comes from within. It does not need to be learned, but training can be useful for learning to control the power and use it wisely. The Legacy is an excellent example of inherent power.

Every bloodline carries a power of great magnitude, passing it to each new generation. This power is your legacy, given to you at birth and impossible to lose. It may lie dormant for years, or it may manifest as early as the first years of life. A legacy power can be any gift, but is always much more powerful when it manifests.

Magdor (mag-door)
Home realm of the Sourcea.

Magick is the manipulation of energy for a desired result. The human science of quantum physics explores this phenomenon. Correct use of ‘magicks’ refers to magickal tricks and spells that you have learned, not born with (see inborn powers). Also used as a slang word to refer to any type of power, magick, blessing or legacy.

Maigere (mah-gear)
Tribe whose kingdom neighbors the Fae in the realm of Breaghafonn. Commonly known as mages, the Maigere can manipulate the mind in various ways.

Slang word for a Mage who can manipulate the mind by suggestion, read thoughts, erase memories, and plant new information into memory banks.

A magick user (most commonly Maigere) who can call, track, manipulate and control the dead and the undead.

A magick user (most commonly Maigere) who can sense and (somewhat) control the undead. Differing from true necromansers, they cannot raise or control the truly dead.

New Slaugh, The (slou- as in out or ouch)
Reinstated Slaugh. The new Fae army, consisting of many tribes, that are loyal to Queen Kia. Led by Tori, they are dedicated to rescuing their queen and helping her take her rightful place on the throne. All members receive the tattoo of the original Slaugh, and all pledge an oath of fealty in blood.

One who speaks the words of gods or fates, usually in a trance of some kind. They can be soothsayers as well, if they can see or divine on their own. Each tribe has one oracle (or group of oracles that function as one) at a time.

General term for mortals (most commonly humans) who have inherent powers or are prone to excel at magick. Human psychics and witches (from a genuine bloodline) are examples of “others.” Some mortal races refer to themselves as witches.

Pixies are one of many Fae races. They tend to be small- generally under five feet in height- and are known for merrymaking and mischief, though they are ruthless and easy to rile.

A unique place carved out of the void for a specific purpose. Unlike a realm, it is not a complete world. Most commonly used for businesses that cater strictly to immortals, as well as meeting places and holding cells.

A doorway between places or realms.

Power Center
All immortals have a power center, where their powers are most concentrated. It is also sometimes referred to as the seat of the soul, though there is no evidence that the soul originates from the power center. The power ring, a three to four inch ring around the center, circulates the power and regulates its strength and intensity. If damage occurs to this area, it can seriously affect one's health, as well as their use of magick.

A complete world, carved out of the void, created by Seed.

Reapers are a subset of the Daemone tribe. Deadly assassins that can turn to smoke at will. The smoke itself is deadly, and can seep beneath the skin and burn its victim alive from the inside-out. Most commonly referred to as the Deadly Smoke.

At one time or another, all tribes create imbalance of great enough significance that an outside force is needed to restore it- both within the tribe and across the universe itself. That force comes as a Reckoning- an opportunity to correct mistakes and make new choices. Choose wisely and evolve with the tribe, choose foolishly and be removed from the game altogether.

Ríocht Folaith (ree-oct foa-lee)
Known as the hidden kingdoms, the Ríocht Folaith are the realms which cannot be found, even by the most talented seers. No one can enter these kingdoms without explicit permission, and no one knows why they are created or for what purpose.

The Sandmen are an elite and rare group of Maigere who can enter, manipulate and cause dreams and nightmares. Their "dust" can induce sleep, and they are the inspiration behind the human version of the Sandman.

Seed, The
The Seed was the first creation of the All Knowing Source. Though individuals, they are one with Source, and cannot be separated from the All. They are the only true deities in the universe, though many tribes claim to be gods themselves.

Sharund (shaw-roond)
A Maigere servant.

Sheol (shee-ole)
An underworld realm that resembles the human idea of hell. Home to the Dark Host and their demon minions.

General term for any tribe of shifters. Often, such tribes are so ancient and spread out, they have lost all knowledge of their history. Many shifter tribes do not have names at all anymore.

Sidhe (shee)
The Sidhe are the Fae royals. All Fae races must align themselves with one court or the other, but only one of pure Sidhe blood may have a place at court.

Slaugh, The (slou – as in out or ouch)
The unseelie army, or legion, that once ruled the battlefield during the War of the Courts. Mostly dormant now, though many members have gone on to join the Wild Hunt. Slaugh symbol is a ring of spirals, with antlers rising up from the center of the largest spiral.

Realms upon realms exist in unity, woven together by the fabric of the void. A soul may slip through the void, and travel anywhere within a realm, as well as between realms. It can return to that which it knows, only by remembering it. Likewise, a soul can find another by following the blood between them. This cannot be taught, but must simply be allowed.

One who sees visions, receives messages, etc. relating to past/present/future. Fortune tellers and diviners (common names- precog, seer, fortune teller).

Sourcea (sore-say)
Tribe of powerful magick users from the realm of Magdor. Their current Oracle is rumored to be the most powerful sorcerer alive.

Stone Ogre (oh-gur)
Subset of Ogre tribe, known for their ability to harden their muscles and skin, making them almost indestructible during battle. Their blood is poisonous, and lethal to humans and several tribes.

Tir na n-Og (Tier- nah- nog)
When Fae souls pass, they travel to Tir na n-Og, the Land of the Young, the Isle of the Blest. It is a paradise fairer than any eye has seen. No illness or pain can reach its shores, no sorrow can walk upon its ground. There is only overflowing bounty, inconceivable beauty and never-ending joy. The dreamer shapes his own landscape, birthing potentials into form with nothing more than a wish of the heart.

Besides the Angels, the Titan tribe most resembles humans. They possess various powers, including the gift of creation, and have a tendency to declare themselves gods over their creations.

The tribes are the original creations of the Seed, the first peoples to walk the realms. Many tribes have created their own races over time, but only those created directly by the Seed are considered to be tribe.

Trinate (try-nate)
The hardest metal known, found only in Breaghafonn. It is an excellent conductor, and is used to gather and transfer energy in the realm.

Tryfven (trife-vuhn)
A subset of the Daemone tribe. Mostly fishermen and sailors, they have uncanny navigational skills, rarely losing their sense of direction. They tend to be gentle and kind, never meeting a stranger and always willing to lend a hand when necessary.

Ueveray (wee-ver-ray)
A realm that is superior in technological advancements, specifically in the medical field. Little is known about its indiginous tribes, as they keep to themselves, refuse to leave their realm, and rarely permit visitors of any kind. Rumors claim that the realm is under control of the Fury, but are unfounded so far.

Vanir (vah-near)
Tribe that closely resembles humans, most specifically the Nordic races. Though originally a separate tribe, millenniums of mingling blood with the Aesir tribe has resulted in one large tribe.

Void, The
The nothingness that existed before time and matter. The original seed of Source itself. All matter is carved out of the void.

Wild Hunt, The
When the black clouds roll across the sky and you hear the hounds and the hooves and the cry of the Huntsmen, run child. Run with all your might.” The Huntsmen ride upon winds black as night, hell-hounds behind them, to collect those souls who have earned their place in the hellish realm of Annwfn. Those who get in the way of the hunt are caught up within it, most never returning home. The hunt passing above can cause night terrors in those who sleep, and can call to some to rise up and join them as they seek their prey.

A race of mortal beings that have many powers, such as glamour, but are not as powerful as tribal races. It is rumored that they are the offspring of tribe and human, though this is unsubstantiated. They tend to live in clans and keep to themselves, though they often make a living by entertaining or conning humans (ie: actors, musicians, carnival and circus performers).

Word, The
There is great power in naming. Words spoken aloud stir potentials into being. They can create or they can destroy. To name something is to hold dominion over it, and can be a hard link to break. The wise always speak carefully and true.

Writ of Permission
This writ, when granted by the Council of Mortal Affairs, gives its owner access to tribal centers, portals, and realms that would be otherwise off limits.

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