Saturday, July 27, 2013

Faetal Distraction FREE For 3 Days!

Faetal Distraction will be FREE on kindle August 1-3.

Tell your friends, your coworkers... that chick sitting next to you at the laundromat reading Fifty Shades for the thousandth time.

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And then get ready... because book 2 should be available in September!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Random Snippet: Fear of Heights

    “What happened to you?” Tori asked.

“Stratosphere,” Mae whispered.

Tori laughed loudly. “How can you possibly live on the thirty-sixth floor and have an issue with heights?”

“Because I’m Fae. Buildings are different. I can be up high if it’s enclosed and solid. My balcony is fine because my witchy-bitches made sure that nobody is going to go careening over the edge. The Stratosphere, however, has no such guarantee. And it fucking sways.”

“Don’t give her shit,” Ryn chided, poking Tori in the side. “You hate heights too. How many times have you demanded that we move to the bat cave, as you put it? And you hate flying.”

“Damn right, I hate flying,” Tori barked.

“All Fae do,” Mae added. “If I were meant to fly, I’d be an Angel or a pelican, or if I were super-old, a pterodactyl. I would not be a giant metal cigar with unflappable wings. Because, I promise you, if shit goes wrong, this bitch will be flapping.”
Faetal Illusion (late 2013)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Poor Lea (a random snippet)

   “Why are you trying to enthrall me?” she asked quietly.

His eyes widened in surprise. “I’m not,” he assured her, “but I find it very satisfying that you’re enthralled by me.” He was sliding under her bedspread, turning down her side. “Now, come to bed.”

Once again, her traitorous body inserted itself right beside him. They were all cozy and warm. Son of a bitch.

“No cuddling,” she warned him, hoping he didn’t hear the quiver in her voice.

Dain touched the lamp to turn it off, then chuckled quietly in the dark. “For now,” he said gruffly.

Though Dain fell asleep right away, it was a long time before Lea could get comfortable. Obviously, he had some kind of agenda, but she didn’t have a clue as to what it might be. Unless it was to drive her crazy, in which case he was doing a stupendous job so far.

Sleep finally rescued Lea from the awkwardness of being so close to Dain. Unfortunately, he was right there waiting for her in her dreams.
Faetal Illusion
Late 2013