Sunday, December 1, 2013

The voices in my head have faces!

I tend to be a visual person, so I have this 'inspiration board' on my computer to help me keep a firm grasp on my characters. Some of these are celebrities (I think) and some are just random faces I found on the web. I thought I'd share them, and we can see who agrees or disagrees with me.

Disclaimer: whatever it is that is supposed to be said here about not owning rights to these pics or not intending to step on toes or piss celebrities off, or  not intending to associate a certain person with my characters, etc. etc. etc... Yeah, that.

Row 1 (top): Dimitri, Marchand, Cohn, Breannah, Auviannah, Cahtiannah, Dre
Row 2: Gretchen, Daniel, Ryn, Tori, Lea, Dain, Adie
Row 3: Laisa, Mitch, Abel, Mae, Kia, Karak, Cait (don't worry bout her yet)
Row 4: Toni, Shayne, Jaroz, Vivie, Caiden, Kako, "Lucy" (yes, he'll be back)
Also, a little graphic fun (because I get super board at work and have nothing to do and no internet access)


That is all. Carry on with the rest of your day!

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