Friday, April 19, 2013

Hello and welcome! Not much to see here yet, but stick around... there will be plenty of book updates, excerpts and more to come soon. In the meantime, here's a small blurb about the book. A more detailed synopsis will be posted in the next few days!

After 2000 years of fighting countless wars, escaping numerous prisons, drowning repeatedly, and even being crucified, Tori would have never thought that babysitting would be the most dangerous thing she's ever done. But when the sleeping beauty she's been hired to transport across the mortal realm wakes up, her fairytale turns into a nightmare.

To make matters worse, her tribe of Fae has triggered a Reckoning- fate's way of bringing balance to the karmic scales- that is systematically bringing Tori face to face with her past, including the man she's just been partnered with. But Ryn is no ordinary blast from the past. He's the gorgeous hunk of flesh she duped, doped and ditched over 200 years ago, and has been running from ever since.

Oh, and he's her soul mate. Unfortunately for Tori, that's not a good thing, because being with Ryn will cost her a piece of her soul- literally.

So, between paying karmic dues, the nanny gig, and battling for her soul, Tori has been pretty distracted lately. And distractions will get you killed.

Faetal Distraction
Book 1 in Blood Crown Series
by Bethany Lovell
available late April, 2013

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